Barony of Ostrund

This page describes the Barony of Ostrund, one of the Outer Baronies located within the County of Elhear.

The Barony of Ostrund is under the rule of Sir Luther, the only remaining known member of the ruling House of Ostrund. The barony is the central of the Outer Baronies.

Until recently, the House of Ostrund ruled the barony, with Baron Agthar as its titular head. Following the events of the incident at House Houthar, nearly all of House Ostrund was killed. Only Sir Luther, who was away from the barony serving the Black Countess, survived the event. He has returned to the barony to rule it and defend the barony from its predatory neighbors.

The Mount Casken Silver Mine is located within the Barony of Ostrund. This mine, recently opened, contains a rich silver vein and has the potential to reverse the ill fortunes of the barony’s finances.

The barony is the one located closest to the Periphery, an abandoned region that sits between the Outer Baronies and the Unsettled Lands, populated with many barbarian and orcish tribes. Historically, Ostrund has been the focal point of raids and other incursions into the settled lands; Ostrund has lost many soldiers and other resources to these attacks. Because of this, the barony has always been somewhat depleted in manpower as compared to its neighbors.

Barony of Ostrund

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